The NASA Space Grant Robotics team at ASU participates in two underwater robot competitions: MATE and NURC. Both of these competitions require an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to complete a variety of tasks that involve manipulating the environment and taking underwater readings of temperature, pressure, and sound. NURC and MATE missions are held over the summer time. This gives us plenty of time to design, build, and perfect our ROV!

Our current project is the 2 Months - 2 ROV Challenge!
In order to train the new members and provide a challenge for veteran members before the games of NURC and MATE are announced, the team is working hard to build 2 ROVs.

Gauss and Aquadevil are two ROV of former glory. They have been completely disassembled and given to the team members with a set of new constraints:

ROV Requirements

Modular frame
5 thrusters
On board computer
2 pan tilt cameras
Seabotic Arm

Component Teams:

Mechanical: Design and building two frames that meet the ROV requirements. Team members will have a change to design a robotic chassis, integrate parts, gain experience using 3D cad: SolidWorks, and get machine shop certification.
Electrical: Rebuild the computer box from Gauss 2011 and build an almost identical one for Aqua-Devil. Team members will learn how to make electrical connection, solder boards, design schematics in Visio, design a computer box, and integrate electronics together.
Programming:Fix and clean up the code from Gauss 2011 and make the necessary adjustments for it to apply to Aqua-Devil. Team members can use their skills in C++ Arduino code as well as Java or learn from the beginning! They program the entire robot including the control system and heads up display, the operation of the robot, and even some autonomous features!