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NASA Space Grant Robotics at ASU

Contact Us

Interested in joining and want more information? Would you like us to come demonstrate at your school? Interested in becoming a sponsor? Don’t hesitate to email us!

Interested in becoming a part of NASGR?

Feel free to send us an email regarding your interest, or show up at one of our meetings!  The MOUER building is locked at 5pm, so call the lab phone number in order to be let in.


Do I have to know anything about robots to join?

No! We will teach you anything you need to know to help us out.

Do I have to be an engineer to join?

Absolutely not! In fact we are always looking for non-engineers to assist with things like finances and photography.

Can graduate students join?

Of course! If you are a graduate student interested in joining, you will be helping out with the RoboSub competition and outreach robots.  Unfortunately the MATE competition is restricted to undergraduate students, therefore we cannot have any direct help on the robot for this competition, although we would love to have you as a mentor.

Is it too late in the year for me to join?

Nope! We would prefer if you joined in the beginning of the fall semester, as we have orientations to teach you the skills and software we use, but don’t let that discourage you from joining.

On the ASU Tempe campus


Engineering Center G Wing, 141


501 E Tyler Mall
Tempe AZ, 85287

NASA Space Grant Robotics at ASU


Moeur Building
201 Orange Mall
ASU Tempe campus