Water Proofing

We have two pelican boxes on our ROV; one for our controls and one for our power supply.

We are using Scotch Cast, or RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizer), to seal the parts where the wires come into the box and to seal all the wire connections. The RTV is a two-component product that, when mixed, cures at room-temperature to a solid elastomer. To avoid wasting this precious sealant we have created a system when using the RTV. We purchased paint cans to hold the two separate products and labeled them with their appropriate NFPA hazardous labels. We use syringes to transfer the two components to a plastic bag for mixing. For a good seal the two products must have a 1 to 1 ratio and the syringes are a great way to measure exact amounts. After we mix it all together we cut a corner off the bag and empty the RTV into whatever we need to seal in a very controlled manner. Everyone who uses the RTV records the amount and what they sealed on a spreadsheet so we can keep track. We always wear protective gloves when using the Scotch Cast.

For the camera we can using a housing made out of PVC and sealed with an O ring. The design can be found on NURC's website