Electrical Wiring Procedure

Color Code

The following color code is for the different voltages involved with robotics:

  • 12 VDC Red (+) and Black (-)
  • 5 VDC Blue (+) and Black (-)
  • 48 VDC Yellow (+) and Black (-)

Thruster Wiring

When wiring for the underwater robots be sure that the positive lead to the motor is marked properly to the Red Powerpole connector, the correct configuration is when the motor turns it pushes water (or air) away from the motor casing. Consult with Electrical Team Lead for further questions.

Photographic PowerPole Guide

Strip a 1/4" of insulation off of the wire

Solder the proper PowerPole pin to the wire

Cut a piece of 1/4" by 1/2" heatshrink and place it over the exposed wire and soldered connection

Using the heatgun heat up the heatshrink until it shrinks over the exposed are as seen in the photo

Note the configuration of the clip part of the PowerPole and the related housing (yellow)

Carefully slide the housing over the wire until the clip clicks on the inside of the housing

Verify that the housing is secure on the soldered connection