The NASA Space Grant Robotics club builds a variety of robots to compete in underwater competitions. These robots (or Remotely Operated Vehicles, ROVs) have to be able to submerge the bottom of a pool, move items around on the bottom, retrieve things to the surface, and take some sort of sensor readings. The MATE and NURC competitions have the robot do this under a pilot's control with an onboard camera and a control system on the surface connected with a tether. The AUVSI competition adds the challenge of doing all this with no human interaction.

We are currently engaged in designing a new robot to replace Koi. We also have training modules to give our new members (who are mostly freshmen) experience with things like SolidWorks, Arduino, soldering, and trade studies.

System Teams:

  • Frame
  • Electronics enclosure
  • Surface side
  • Claw
  • Programming
  • Cameras