Repaired LCA Camera

Along with the 2008 donated robot we were also given one used LCA (Lights Camera Action) camera. During NURC last year, 2009, the camera suffered some damage due to water leaking into the camera. This year we wanted to re-use the camera, due to its durability.

We sought out new connectors and cable to make the camera like new again. We replaced the power/video/ground connector with a push-style PWM connector seen in R/C hobby projects and FIRST robotics. We took the wiring structure from these environments and applied it to our own repairs. The connector is laid out in the following configuration:

  1. GND
  2. PWR

Since the power connection is in the middle of the connector, placing the connector backwards will not damage and parts because SIGNAL will go to GND and GND will go to SIGNAL, thus no harm done.


Next we replaced the ever-shrinking video cable with a longer one recovered from the inside of the donated robot's remains. By replacing the cable we were able to learn how the cable had been water-sealed from the harsh environments.