Nurc 2010 Electronics


On this year's robot we wanted to have the ability to know our heading underwater to better inform out pilots about their whereabouts while maneuvering underwater.
More Info about our Sensors

Seacon Connectors

When the team was founded in 2008 we were donated an old ASU Team's underwater robot, we were able to recover some SEACON connectors from the frame, but were unable to utilize them due to waterproofing issues.

Relay Control Board

The team purchased some relays from and we needed a board to control the 12 volt coil DPDT relays using a 5 volt signal line from the Arduino.

Repaired LCA Camera

Along with the 2008 donated robot we were also given one used LCA (Lights Camera Action) camera. During NURC last year, 2009, the camera suffered some damage due to water leaking into the camera. This year we wanted to re-use the camera, due to its durability.