Outreach Efforts

We at the NASA Space Grant Robotics team know how extremely important volunteering is. Without certain key teachers and mentors most of us would never have found this team or our love for building robots. A big part of this team is repaying the favor by going out and volunteering for different age groups spreading the same message that got us into engineering and science. We reach out to children from elementary school to high school teaching them that science can be lots of fun and talk to teachers and other mentors and assist them with the tools we know to further educate their students in an exciting way. Team members can be seen volunteering at many local science fairs and conferences and our robots are always swimming in the fountains at Arizona State University. Our goal is to increase the number of scientists in the world, create more engineers and physicists, and to make science and learning a more active part of our society!

Elementary Outreach:

Members of our team went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help elementary school for a day in December a few years ago and talked to a class about our robots and what we do as a team. The children really responded to the robotic stories that were told and actually seeing and driving some of our machines. They were very excited and this encourages us to continue our work with different elementary schools.

We also participate in STEM Night at CO Greenfield Elementary in October. Elementary-age students are allowed to drive one of our robots to get a sense of what it's like operating them in the real world. They also get to hear about some of our experiences in the field.

High School Outreach:

A handful of the members of NASA Space Grant Robotics teams are alumni of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition For Science and Technology) an organization that promotes learning through the building and competing with robots! FIRST has LEGO robotics competitions for grade school kids and big robots for high school teams. FIRST teaches teamwork, leadership, and creativity along with how to build a robot. Our team has put over 100 hours mentoring local FIRST high school robotic teams in just a short period of 6 weeks. In the past, we have mentored various teams, including

ASU Events:

Rovina has been seen swimming around the fountains and the SRC pool here at ASU. She is always available for students and kids to drive at ASU events such as: