Team Awards


Unfortunately, we failed for qualify for the 2016 MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) competition due to numerous last-minute technical issues.


At the 2015 MATE competition, we placed 16 out of 26. We did not win any of the subjective awards or the awards for individual tasks.


In 2014, NURC (National Underwater Robotics Challenge) was cancelled for the foreseeable future due to budget issues. We opted to drive to the Long Beach MATE regional to qualify instead of submitting a video online. Unfortunately, our motor enclosures leaked due to a poor epoxying job and we failed to qualify for international.


In 2013, we achieved third place at NURC using AquaDevil and ROVINA. While we did not win any awards at MATE, we did place 11th out of 23.


In 2012, we developed a laser-triggered torpedo that helped us win 3rd place in NURC. That year also saw the debut of Koi at MATE. The design impressed the judges enough that we won the Marty Klein MATE Mariner award. Our then-president Emily McBryan also won the Engineering Evaluation MVP award for her outstanding performance.


In the 2011 NURC we received second place in the university division and third place overall. We did not win anything at MATE, but we tried our hardest, which is all that really matters in the end.


In the 2010 NURC our team earned 2nd place in our division, as well as impressing judges with our modular robot design

Our performance at the 2010 MATE Competition earned us 6th place (outscoring both MIT and Georgia Tech). Our team captain, Mike Veto, exemplified our team's effort by winning the Engineering MVP Award.


Our first year at NURC we showed what strong teamwork could do, we had 3 drivers controlling 2 robots working together to complete the objectives. We earned 2nd place in the college division, and learned a lot on how we could prepare for our next competition.

After our success at NURC, we had high hopes for the MATE Competition. We again demonstrated our strong team spirit, having 3 drivers controlling a single robot. This new approach at ROV control impressed the judges, earning us the Aloha Team Spirit Award. We had strong competition, but managed to earn 6th place, out preforming some of the top engineering schools in the country.

2015 team at MATE

Koi at MATE 2015

The team accepting the 2012 MATE Mariner Award

At the MATE competition in 2012

Accepting the 2010 NURC Trophy

Team members in competition at MATE 2010

Our team Accepting the 2009 NURC Trophy

Demonstrating 2 robots working together