NURC 2011: Trouble on Ceti-Alpha 3!

Competition Intro
It is the year 2020 and the human race has just discovered faster than light space travel. A major push from all the world’s countries has formed the United Nations Space Exploration Consortium (U.N.S.E.C). The mission of the consortium is to seek out and find new life, to boldly go out into the deep reaches of space. The union of the world’s nations is unprecedented. The advent of cold fusion has fundamentally changed the economics of the world. Money is becoming irrelevant as the world adjusts to its new found ability to feed everyone on the planet. Hunger and starvation are now history as mankind now has the ability to control unlimited amounts of energy and resources to focus on issues that were once considered the luxury of a few. Fighting for resources and energy on Earth to survive has been wiped out among mankind and now humans are working for the betterment of mankind by adding to collective knowledge of the species. Earth has little secrets left and the focus now aims to the stars. The consortium had been sending unmanned probes to all the celestial bodies they discover in the hopes of finding life. There have been many planets that had shown promise but they had all failed to find life of any kind... except for one. On March 6th 2020 the U.N.S.E.C unmanned probe, Darwin 4, had sent back a video transmission via subspace relay that shocked and excited the Darwin 4 Mission Tracking Team! On a yet to be named but cataloged planet Ceti-Alpha 3 an ice covered liquid planet 8 light years away, the probe found what appeared to be a life form before the video transmission was lost.

Robot Progress

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