St. John's - 2015

The 2015 international MATE competition took place at the Marine Institute and the Ocean, Coastal, and River Engineering facility at the Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. The theme was "Science and Industry in the Arctic". The competition manual is available here.

That year the competition was different, because instead of attempting the same mission twice, we had three missions that we did once each. The competition sites had specialized pools for the mission, including an ice tank, a flume tank with lateral current, and an offshore engineering basin with artificial waves.

On the first run (the ice tank), Koi experienced software issues and did not make it into the water. In the flume tank, one of our vertical motors died and we were over buoyant, so we could not reach the bottom of the pool. However, we did get some points. We did actually manage to do well in the offshore engineering basin, despite the fact that we could barely see the claw with the camera.